Born in Turin in 1980, lives and works in Turin, Italy. 


2000. MFA G. Ballardini, Art Institute for Ceramic, Faenza.

2006. BA  Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna.


2018.VANDALISMI, talk curated by Carlo Fossati, Blank, Torino.

2017. MORFOLOGIE DI CONFINE, curated by Gian Antonio Gilli- Mun Ange, Crissolo, Torino.

2013. Project for the HIAP Art Residence Program, in Kaapeli Factory, Helsinki, Finland. 

2013. UN’ANATOMIA DELL’INCONCEPIBILE, curated by Jean-Marie Reynier, Il Pomo Da Damo, Imola, Bologna.

2011. IN SILENZIO, Galleria VAULT, Prato.


2016 .  OLD BEAR CASTLES, curated  by Grey Cube Galleries, Helsinki, Finland.

2014 . ECCENTRICO MUSIVO, curated by Linda Kniffitz and Daniele Torcellini, MAR, Ravenna Art Museum, Ravenna. 

2014 .UNDISCOVERED POTENTIAL, EGE-European Glass Experience, international touring exhibitions including shows in Riihimaki Glass Museum in Finland, La Granja Glass Museum in Spain and Murano Glass Museum in Italy.

2014. DRAWINGS FROM LIGHTNINGS, Kunstverein Neukolln, Berlin.

2013. O(Ax)=dO(Am) EQUAZIONE IMPOSSIBILE, curated by MARTE Ass. Culturale, MAR Museum and Ninapì Gallery, Ravenna. 

2012. GIORNI FELICI 20ARTISTI X 20 ARTISTI, curated by Associazione Testori, Casa Testori, Novate Milanese, Milano.  

2012. FALANSTERIO, curated by Daniela Lotta, Tesco, Faenza Ravenna.

2012. ORGANIC INTUITIONS, curated by ThePoolNYC, Colonia Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City. 

2011. OFFICINE DELL’ARTE, curated by Stefano Arienti and Italo Zuffi, ViaFarini-Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano.   

2011. CASABIANCA, curated by M. Marchetti and A. Radovan, Casabianca, Zola  Pedrosa, Bologna.

2010. LAWN ON MARS, curated by Mars and Spaziorazmataz, Zonaviagenova, Prato.

2010. TRANSISTOR, projects by Gaia Carboni and Gino Lucente, MARS Milan Artist Run Space, Milano.


Horticultural Lecture with Garden, curated by MARS, invited to INTRELUDIUM/ MiART, Milano.

2009. INTORNO AL CENTRO, curated by G.Molinari, Interno 5 New Space Penelope Group, Brescia.

2008. NIGHT OF 1000 DRAWINGS, Artists Space, New York.

2007. ARTE ITALIANA.1968-2007 PITTURA, curated by M.Sciaccaluga, Palazzo Reale, Milano.

2006. AN OUTDOOR CONCEPT, Curated by L. Caccioni, Lorenzelli Arte Gallery, Milano.

2005. IN-CHIOSTRO 2, curated by R. Daolio, San Domenico Museum, Imola,             Bologna.


May 2013. Residence to HIAP, Helsinki, Finland.


2015. Artwork design of the representative drawing for the Furla Foudation’s event“GROWING ROOTS, 15 anni del Premio Furla”, curated by Chiara Bertola and Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, partnership ViaFarini, Palazzo Reale, Milano, Italy.